Адреса сервисных центров и приемных пунктов

Москва, Московская область, Россия

+7 (495) 783-80-08

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IRP Group

23 years of successful activity on the Russian service market

Who we are

InterRadioPribor Holding - the leader on the Russian market  of consumer electronics, computer devices, mobile phones and multimedia systems support offering full scope of related services.
  • Outstanding list of customers on Russian market
  • The largest independent Service Provider
  • Highest repair level factory
  • Huge Regional Service Network
  • Full scope of reverse logistics and collecting services

Our experience and facilities

  • Experience in regional projects managing:
  - The regional network of Authorized Service Partner’s (ASP) centers covers all largest
   cities of Russia: over 350 ASP;
  - B2B IT- solutions for running wide ASP network;
  - Newly reworked website. 
  • Spare parts supply solutions:
  - Import/export operations; 
  - Domestic distribution to the regional service centers;
  - Reverse logistics of replaced defective parts and export to vendor’s refurbishing factory – RTV processing.
  • Centralized repairs’ reverse logistics:
  - Mobile phones and modems, digital video and still cameras, game consoles (Axis, JVC, Kenwood, LeEco, Nikon, Nintendo, Pelco, Sony, YOTA, ZTE devices, etc.).
  • PCB and motherboards refurbishment:
  - Philips TV SSBs;
  - Samsung mobile phones PCBs;
  - Samsung notebooks motherboards;

New Repair Site Facilities

  • Total area : 3000 m2 in the 2 floored building
  • 1300 m2 of the workshop area and 515 m2 of the parts warehouse area
  • ESD requirements compliance
  • More than 60 fully equipped repair benches with LAN/WLAN connection
  • 5 manually operated soldering stations (discrete components  & SMD)
    and 4 fully automatic BGA soldering stations
  • Whole area with 7x24 security. Workshops and warehouse  areas are equipped by SSTV (video) with the remote access capability
  • Double high speed data link to the main IRP server (two different providers and two different media for higher reliability)
  • 2 working shifts capability

Highest repair level factory

  • Special feature - providing customers with production, warehousing, technological and professional resources.
  •  High level of own repairs production:

          a.   Mobile phones’ repair at the level 4+Advance;

          b.   Availability of automatic soldering equipment for BGA replacement;

          c.   Wide experience in PCB refurbishing for all types of consumer and B2B goods (NB, PDA, MP, TV, ATM, etc.).

Reverse logistics & collecting services

  • Import/export operations
  • Spare parts analysis and forecast
  • Spare parts warehousing
  • Distribution to the regional service centers
  • Reverse logistics of replaced defective parts (RTV)
  • Export to vendors’ refurbishing factories
Phone: +7 495 783 80 08
E-mail: info@irp.ru
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